If you answering the call of nature on any flight while the shades are down in the main cabin, it’s always worth it to take a peek out the windows at the back of the plane.

Most flights from Vancouver to Asia leave in the middle of the night, but there are some afternoon departures. We have flown on both a few times.

On this occasion, we opened the shade outside the aft toilets, so as to avoid disturbing our fellow passengers with any blasts of light in the darkened cabin.

It just so happened that we were passing Denali (formerly known as Mt. McKinley) at that very moment. With a summit elevation of 20,310 feet  (6,190 meters) above sea level, Denali is the highest mountain in North America. It is also the third highest of the Seven Summits — the highest mountains on each of the seven continents — following Mount Everest in Nepal and Aconcagua in Argentina. 

Definitely worth a snapshot to go with the memory.